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Professional & Flexible


Zoneworx understands firsthand the importance of flexibility during the early stages of a company and wanted to design a workspace where entrepreneurs could learn, grow, and flourish together.


We took the DNA of coworking and applied the innovation, support and shared resources to develop the concept of cowarehousing.


Our Cowarehouse model offers month-to-month flexibility, secured suites for inventory management, shared equipment to effectively kit and fulfill orders, and daily on-site shipping & receiving to optimize your logistical operations.

Move out of your house and into community.


Our cowarehouse offers flexible membership options to meet the needs of your scaling company.


Whether it’s time to move your business out of your house, expand your customer base by shifting away from brick & mortar to eCommerce, or simply need more space to scale your organization’s efficiency, Zoneworx is a space uniquely designed for your company to thrive.

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